Aluminum Hot Extrusion

Aluminum Hot Extrusion

Castyield Service

We serve aluminium hot extrusion which is the process of squeezing aluminium alloy above re-crystallization temperature in a closed cavity through a tool or die by using a ram of mechanical or hydraulic press. Hot material is easier to be pushed through the die and remained close tolerance for components. The die of cross-section creates complicated long or short aluminium bar for post cutting or machining.

Aluminum Hot ExtrusionAluminum Hot ExtrusionAluminum Hot Extrusion


Our Service Range

We can provide extrusion parts to be made of below aluminum alloys.

Alloys Applied to Us:

  • Aluminum: 5052, 6061, 6063 and 7075

We are good in serving the sizes from 1" to 10" in diameter. Therefore, the flexibility of sizes contents most of industrial requirement.

The Extrusion Equipment Applied to Us:

  1. 6 auto extrusion presses from 600 ton to 2500 ton
  2. Billet and die pre-heater
  3. Air cooling blower
  4. Water Quencher
  5. Pullers, Stretchers and cutting units

Anodization is the common surface treatment of extrusion parts, it is one of consideration that designer chooses the process, due to the excellent surface performance to compare with die casting parts. It is definitely great to be painted in both powder and liquid. We can offer the manufacturing processes with all surface treatments to meet your cosmetic codes.

Contact us to consult your designs and materials to be proper for manufacturability. The affordable prices will provide the flexible solutions for your small to middle volume components.