Gravity Casting

Gravity Casting / Permanent Mold Casting / Hydraulic Gravity Die Casting

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Gravity casting also named permanent mold casting or hydraulic gravity die casting. It is a simple casting process which provides advantages of reusable mold, good surface and good accuracy of dimension. It is mostly suited to deal with inner undercut by using metal or sand core. The lower tool cost offers an optional condition for small to middle volume components.

The most common process uses gravity to fill the mold, but gas pressure is also used on Low-pressure permanent mold (LPPM). It uses gas at low pressure (3 to 15 psi) to push the molten metal into the mold cavity from bottom of the mold to the top.

General casting materials are light alloys in cast iron mold, such as aluminum, zinc and brass (copper). The broad materials provide the convenience of feature needs.

Gravity CastingGravity Casting


Our Service Range

We can provide gravity casting parts to be made of aluminum, zinc and brass alloys.

Alloys Applied to Us:

  • Aluminum: A356, A360, A380, A413.2 (LM22, LM24, LM25)
  • Zinc: Zamak #3
  • Brass: C3600

We are good in serving the sizes from 28g (1 oz) to 45kg (100 lbs). The general tolerances are ±0.015" for the first inch and ±0.002" for each additional inch. The minimum thickness is 0.01" and the maximum size is 1400cm*700cm. Contact us to consult your designs and materials to be proper for manufacturability. The affordable prices will provide the flexible solutions for your small to middle volume components.

Gravity CastingGravity Casting