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Investment Casting / Lost Wax

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Investment casting is appropriate for the production of components with high dimensional accuracy, extremely intricate feature and excellent surface requirement. The complex form with undercut can be casted without parting line and flush, and therefore it provides solution to the parts which can not be machined.

The lower tooling cost may be used to replace die casting or gravity casting, however the multi step process is higher than die casting, which is usually limited to small casting, and presents some difficulties where cores are involved.

Investment CastingInvestment CastingInvestment Casting


Our Service Range

We can provide investment casting parts to be made of most all castable metals, such as various aluminum alloys, steels, stainless steel, copper and so on.

We are good in serving the sizes from 3g (0.105 oz) to 5kg (11 lb). The general tolerances are ±0.005" for the first inch and ±0.003" for each additional inch. Contact us to consult your designs and materials to be proper for manufacturability. The affordable prices will provide the flexible solutions for your small to middle volume components.