Design Mold Manufacturing

Tool Design and Mold Manufacturing

Castyield Service

We realized that only great tool can cast out the perfect casting components. We specialize in design and manufacturing of die casting tools for our pressure die casting service. Our outstanding experience of casting industry collocates with the most updated design software and manufacturing techniques deliver high precision and quality tooling mold which enable to produce the close tolerance casting components for our customer.

Design Mold ManufacturingDesign Mold Manufacturing


Die Casting Tool Design

Customer's tooling design is initial in house by using 2D and 3D design software to ensure the accurate tooling design and components. Link both foundry and customer together to increase the efficiency of communication and guarantee the tooling successfully and casting accurately.

For complex, accurate and huge tooling design, we execute the molding analysis to simulate the mold flow, material temperature to locate the best gate and overflow locations before starting of tooling construction. Those save the tool and modification lead-time and unexpected cost for customers and Castyield Precision.

Broad Service Range of Tooling Processes

Our excellent tooling capabilities and modern equipments plus the broad and long industry experience associates provide the complete service range not only for die casting but also for the other forming processes. These top quality tooling services offer the convenience of our customer to purchase in one stop.

  1. Aluminum Die Casting Tooling
  2. Magnesium Die Casting Tooling
  3. Zinc Die Casting Tooling
  4. Plastic Injection Tooling
  5. Trim Die
  6. Gravity Casting Mold (Permanent Mold)
  7. Investment Casting Mold (Lost Wax)
  8. Stamping Mold
  9. Extrusion Mold
  10. Sand Casting Mold Board

Tooling Schedule Monitor

Customers' tooling schedule will be well controlled and monitored by our experienced engineers. Customers always have clear understanding for their tooling status by receiving tooling schedule and report from Castyield periodically.