Die Casting

Precision Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc Die Casting

Introduction of Our Main Businesses & Services

Castyield Precision serves precision die casting, aluminum casting, magnesium die casting, zinc die casting and post manufacturing services for global customers with lower cost and international high-end quality. We are familiar in supplying customers who require high flexibility and good co-operation for their small to medium volume production orders of die casting parts. We are great to serve and provide die casting parts. The main businesses are aluminum die casting parts, magnesium die casting parts, zinc die casting parts. The secondary businesses are investment (lost wax) casting, gravity casting, sand casting, stamping and plastic injection parts.

What is *High Pressure Die Casting: Molten metal is injected into steel hardened dies under high pressure. Dies normally cooled by water or oil before dies opening and casting ejecting (Magnesium ally dies generally heated by oil mold heater during casting). Die casting can produce components with great surface finish and complex shape with accurate dimensions. The broad materials provide flexible options for various usages of industry. We chased technical innovation and great precision to design and produce the custom tools and components to meet the international quality with competitive prices demand for customers.

Aluminum Die Casting

A full range of aluminum die casting machine tonnages are from 150 ton to 2500 ton which provide the wide range of cast part sizes from 0.4" square to over 2' square. Our world class tooling technology offers solid tools and the plenty experiences of casting parameters control that make our casting parts are accurate, durable and exquisite to compare with the other workmanship. Our competitive offshore price and short first article lead time delivers the fast success of your project.

Castyield Precision dedicates to innovate with the precision tooling technologies and the sound workmanship of die casting components. Our engineers and manufacturing associates specialize in all aluminum die casting sizes and shapes. Our updated high pressure die casting machines and life guaranteed tools ensure accurate raw casting parts with nice surfaces. We have adjusted our productions, manufacturing procedures, also Information Technology infrastructure to create the conditions to speed up your productions, it will also result in economically production with reliable quality.

We run aluminum die casting with all cold chamber machine, since all of aluminum die casting parts use it to construct the parts. It applied to the business with mature production skills and complete casting parameters. The fact is aluminum cold chamber die casting is generally and acceptable by all customers.

Aluminum Die CastingAluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Alloys Applied to Us:

  • ASTM: A413, A356, A360, A380, A383…etc.
  • JIS: ADC1, ADC3, ADC6, ADC10, ADC12…etc.

Magnesium Die Casting

Magnesium alloy is the lightest of all casting material, an excellent dimensional stability as well as high impact and dent resistance. The newer high purity alloys can deliver better corrosion resistance than steel and some aluminum alloys. We provide hot chamber, cold chamber casting and Thixomolding injection services of Taiwan to fulfill the industry special usages.

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine and Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine:

  1. They are acceptably and generally for customers since they apply in the field for long term with mature production technologies and complete casting parameters.
  2. Most of magnesium die casting products use them to construct parts. Hot chamber machine here is normally casted with small components.
  3. Die casting machines can afford to deferent kind of magnesium alloy, such as AM 60 and AZ91. We select machine service on the character and sizes of die casting products.

Thixomolding Injection Machine

650 ton Thixomolding machine, we are using is the largest ones in Taiwan, able to produce high quality in strength and surface evenness than die casting for large-size, thin parts, internal structures. It is superior to hot-chamber and cold-chamber die casting and is recognized as the safest and latest manufacturing process for magnesium alloy product.

Thixomolding is environmental friendly and revolutionary process. Thixomolding is the injection molding of thixotropic / semisolid magnesium alloy. Mg alloy is supplied in chip form, is heated in the cylinder of the injection molding machine, transforming it into a fluid, semi-solid slurry (thixotropic state) without coming into contact with the air. It is injection molded in the die. This process is called Thixomolding.

What is Thixotropy?

Hot Chamber and Cold chamber die castings run the temperature over 670°C. The metal structure is in columnar structure, it is caused by cooling down from 670°C fast which lead the parts in more shrinking deformation for thin wall especially.

Thixomolding Injection runs the temperature from 565°C only. The metal structure is in granular structure, it is caused by cooling down from 565°C (Thixomolding slurry with shearing force) which lead the parts in more steady, thin and less deformation.

By applying a shearing force to Thixotropic magnesium alloy to divide the solid phase into particles, consequently the viscosity is reduced and fluidity is increased.

Characteristics of Thixomolding

  1. Use of magnesium alloy chips eliminates need for melting furnace and allows easier switching between alloys.
  2. High-speed injection and high injection pressure improve surface quality and make precision molding of thin parts possible.
  3. Lower temperature of molten magnesium alloy in Thixomolding improves dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties.
  4. Provides the precision and thin wall molding. (< 1mm). For example: NB laptop, Mobile phone, computer, communication and consumer electrics products.
  5. Fully sealed molding process enables cleaner, safer work environment.
  6. Gentle to the Earth, Thixomolding process requires no global warming gas, such as SF6 or flux.

Magnesium Die CastingMagnesium Die Casting

Magnesium Alloys Applied to Us:

  • AZ91D, AM60B

Zinc Die Casting

We produce zinc die castings for components due to the manufacturing process combines precision and cost-effectiveness with the remarkable mechanical and physical properties of zinc alloys. The longer tool life and lower tool cost lead to the board range of usage in the market. The easy plated surface provides the necessity of using the alloys. Contact with us to get the low unit cost with minimum tooling investment of die casting.

Castyield precision provides competitive low price in zinc die casting mold and components to customers. We run the whole zinc die casting business in hot chamber machine, since the hot chamber machine provide more reliable casting quality and faster casting cycle time. Most of zinc die castings build the components in hot chamber machine and it is mature die casting method in the field. Our tooling shop can complete a tool within 35 days and has the ability to make the high precision dies for zinc alloys, those minimize the burrs, and the raw castings are with smooth surface and accurate dimensions. Those will help a lot to brigh a design to life with great quality and lower prices. Our engineers of zinc die casting are very senior to deal with all die casting affairs and post manufacturing issues. Contact us, our plenty knowledge and highly skilled engineers will assist you personally in every step of your project and results in smooth production and fast deliveries down the road.

Magnesium Die CastingMagnesium Die Casting

Zinc Alloys Applied to Us:

  • Zamak #3, Zamak #5, ZA8, ZA27

What Castyield Precision Can Do for You?

Castyield Precision is an expert casting manufacturer which know well for all NADCA standards. Contact with us to consult manufacturability of your design and get highly competitive tooling price, this both die casting and aluminum casting services help to get rid of endless and complex machining price and process with economic die casting solutions. We are deeply absorbed in small and middle productions with lowest manufacturing costs, our project manage entirely from sketch to delivery enables to result in smooth and fast production for saving overall die casting or aluminum casting cost.