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Die Casting & Post Machining Specialist in Taiwan

Request Quotes for Parts

We would hope you to fill our Quote Requirement Form (QRF) and email it with your design drawings to to evaluate the prices.

We normally can provide our quotation sheets within 5 working days. Of course, we also can be expedited if you are under timing constraint.

Generally, you can send us Email with attachments within 10MB of total sizes. If you would like to send design drawings larger than 10MB, please inform and send your FTP site to, we will download these large files based on your permission.

The Most Appropriate Drawings for Quoting Evaluation

We will suggest you to provide 3D CAD images (ex., STEP or X_T) of your parts, the comprehensive conditions will provide optimum outcome for accurate evaluation. All of general CAD files can be analysis directly by us, such as Pro E, Catia, Solid Edge and UGS. With informing preferable material and weight information, we can quote accurately for 2D drawings in DWG, DXF, and PDF format as well. You are welcome to send your drafts to evaluate reference quote.

We will also review the information you filled in our Quote Requirement Form for quoting reference. The annual volume and special production requests will influence the quotes definitely. Please list more specification in order to short the communication before quoting.

If you need any Design for Manufacturability (DFM) suggestion, please don't be hesitated to consult with us via Email or phone call. We will be more than happy to assistant your projects before quoting.

Breakdown List of Our Quotation Sheet

We will follow the tooling and casting processes to quote you by manufacturing steps. You will realize the breakdown details of all processes against their prices from our quotation sheet. We will also show prices against minimum order quantities (MOQ) for your purchasing reference.

Our quotation sheet itemize the below contents.

1.1. Die casting die (with die insert, die base and slide)
1.2. Trimming Die (if necessary)
1.3. All necessary fixtures for manufacturing (such as machining, flattening, painting (plating), printing screen or inspection)
1.4. Guarantee shots of tool life
2.1. Casting with material and weight
2.2. Trimming if necessary
2.3. Deburring
2.4. Shot Blasting, surface polishing and flattening if necessary
2.5. CNC machining
2.6. Surface treatment, coating and plating
2.7. Logo printing
2.8. Assembly
2.9. Local transportation
2.10. Packaging