Die Casting & Post Manufacturing Specialist

Aluminumm Die Casting, Magnesium Die Casting & Zinc Die Casting Foundry

Castyield Precision Inc. is a manufacturer specializes in aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting, zinc die casting, aluminum extrusion, stamping & CNC machining processes. We are dedicated to providing high quality and advanced manufacturing services with maximum flexibility for customers' small to medium volume productions. Our company is also making concentrated effort to the tooling design, development and manufacture. The outstanding and high precision molds for aluminum die casting, extrusion, stamping, magnesium die casting and zinc die casting always significantly help our customers to decrease lead time but increase the success of first article. With our completely manufacturing facilities and professional technologies, we are your design and manufacturing partner. The great communication experiences with international customers are our strength to insure the qualified molds and deliver the raw casting components. With the precision raw casting components, it raises the dimensional accuracy and saves the costs from the post CNC machining and relative manufacturing processes.

We have adjusted our manufacture and production and IT infrastructure to comply customers' general requirements to provide the fastest reactions and solutions from quoting all the way to final deliveries. The fast turnaround and comprehensive service all target to simplify the offshore supplier management for our customers.

We hope to make a useful resource for custom engineered components and materials. With broad background in casting, tooling, extrusion, stamping, post manufacturing, painting, anodizing and plating processes, we provide the technical information and news pertaining to cast, wrought material and machined methods. Our good English speaking engineer is willing to assist you to make the proper design in your best interest. We have no agenda other than helping our customers improve their products and reduce their manufacturing costs.

We encourage you to contact and consult with us in your product development stage for an appointment and a detail analysis of your parts. We can provide recommendations on design, material and appropriate process to ensure your product is designed with optimal condition for manufacturing. We can also estimate pricing and lead-times result in smooth production and fast delivery with reasonable accuracy.

We invite you to evaluate the information provided in this website. We are positive it will provide many answers with regard to the general design of metal die casting and plastic injection.

If your requirement and interest go beyond this grade, you are very welcome to phone, fax or email our facility. We would be very happy to tell you our recommendations of your questions and designs at no obligation.